Beat Reporting

The Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media(IIJNM), Bangalore, India, is for committed students looking for careers in print and broadcast journalism. Established in collaboration with Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamstana, the institute gives emphasis on thorough research and independent thinking. The curriculum is developed in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. In the spirit of Shanti Bhavan's goal of well-rounded graduates, the journalism students also receive instruction in the rights of a free press, the obligation to provide balanced and independent news coverage, with special attention to the ethics of journalism. Students benefit from exposure to wor ld- renowned experts in their field, and are required to work on projects that will hone their investigative skills. State-of-the-art materials are provided to facilitate their work, and they are given the opportunity to train and aspire for world-class standards of investigative reporting and quality presentati on.

IIJNM is our foundation's answer to improving public and private governance through a strong and independent press.

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