June 5, 2006

Dear Friends of Shanti Bhavan,

We have provided the link to the The Voice of Shanti Bhavan, a newsletter published by our children. All articles, poems and art work were created and formatted by the children, assisted by the staff. The children plan to update you periodically on Shanti Bhavan happenings through this publication.

Shanti Bhavan is reaching out to all its friends who have visited us, served as volunteers, made donations, or simply been well-wishers and moral supporters. The children need your encouragement and help in the years to come – through college and in their efforts to find good jobs. We are confident that practically all the children of Shanti Bhavan will go on to colleges, and many will do graduate programs. Without doubt, our children will have the confidence and abilities to pursue their aspirations.

I hope you will remain a “Friend of Shanti Bhavan Children.” You are in a position to help this institution bring up the children well, and offer the opportunity to succeed in life. You may help us with monetary or material contributions, and/or by being mentors to the children through their college studies. Finally, we hope you will guide and assist the children in starting their careers.

Shanti Bhavan is a noble joint endeavor, and all of us, including Dr.George, urge you to be an active participant.


Lalita Law

Principal, Shanti Bhavan

June 5, 2006

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