Baldev Medical & Community Centre: October 2006

Our center has been granted recognition as a center for graduated medical doctors from St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. Their condition is that we serve the people in medically underserved areas.

Dr. K.Vijayasagar , who is currently fulfilling his rural service requirement from St. John’s Medical College, was appointed resident physician in October 1, 2005 .

Dr. Sagar’s knowledge of Telugu and Kannada, the two main languages of the region where we are located, has helped bridge the communication divide. Our community service workers and Dr. Sagar initially visited all the villages to introduce him to the communities. The initial patient response climbed to 400 per month after Dr. Sagar took over, and now the figure has climbed to 1,200 per month. Our medical center is currently serving rural people from the border areas of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Mrs. Gracy Thomas is the Administrator for our health and community center. She tirelessly coordinates all the activities of the center such as outreach programs, maintains records and reports, interacts with the local communities and helps organize events such as community meetings. Under Gracy’s guidance, health camps are conducted where our doctor and community service team go from house to house, sometimes with overseas volunteers. The community has been very appreciative of this effort. These visits educate the people in everyday health matters, and check the status of women and children for de-worming, anemia, nutrition, hygiene and pregnancy.

During an outbreak of Chikungunya, patients came from as far as Bangalore to be treated by Dr. Sagar at our center. With the increase in the number of patients being treated at our center, we are seeing additional revenue to cover some of the on-going operational expenses. Our charges range from free for the destitute, to minimal for the economically and socially disadvantaged sections of village society. Therefore, it will take many more years for our hospital to become financially self-supportive.

As part of our community outreach effort, Baldev Medical & Community Center has initiated an advisory committee for each village comprised of staff from The George Foundation and community representatives. Village project leaders and a village implementation team are selected. Young girls and boys are selected for training programs to assess the needs of each village and to interact with all caste groups. Their requirements are evaluated, and approved projects executed with 20-50% financial and supervisory help from us, and the remaining from the community and the government. Dr. George participated in the final discussions at a meeting in October 2006.

The George Foundation provided the seed money to build a high school in the village of Deveerapalli. The plan was finally approved by the government and the high school was inaugurated in March 2006. Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji inaugurated the building. The Assistant Collector from Hosur, the Revenue Officer, Panchayat leaders and representatives, as well as other local officials were all present. Swamiji was very appreciative of Dr. George’s personal contribution and effort. He asked the local communities to support and assist the work of The George Foundation.

The Foundation sponsors 60 children in the Deveerapalli village government-run school. The fees, books and uniforms of these children were provided by us. We also hired three teachers, educated young women, from the local community to make up for the lack of teachers in the primary section. With our effort, including health checks by our medical and community service team, the standard of the school has improved. It was adjudged the best school in the district. We are in the process of helping two more schools in the villages of Siddanahalli and Oppachalli. Our plan is to sponsor 50 children in each of these schools and to assist the school improve its standard.

Sister Cheryl Darsow, a senior and experienced nurse from the Mayo Clinic, USA, volunteered for a few days during her short visit to India. She was convinced about the efficacy of our community outreach program, and will make efforts to send medical supplies, nutrition supplements and health food for community distribution.

Significiant events: June 2004

Mrs. Gracie Thomas has been managing and coordinating the work of our health center with the help of nursing assistant Sr. Sheela, in the absence of a doctor from 1 September 2003. They have both done a good job of keeping the activities in operation, together with the other team members. The status as of 2002 end is as follows:

Antenatal Checkups
We have recorded the health of 60 pregnant women in and around 14 villages. The field worker has completed her monthly routine checkup for weight, blood pressure, urine test and blood test of these 60 women, 11 women who fall in the high-risk pregnancy category have been advised to see the PHC doctor immediately.

Immunization and Growth Monitoring of 326 Children

Regular visits are carried out to ensure that immunization is completed, and if the children are found to be malnourished, the field worker gives them a packet of nutrition powder. She also advises them to visit the doctor. The nutrition powder is sold at Rs.10/- per packet.

Self-Help Groups Meeting and Training
The revolving fund loan amount of Rs.50000/- was disbursed among the five groups. All the group members had decided to buy sheep. Narayanappa helped in sourcing and buying the sheep. Outreach, an NGO in Hosur, has started a training program for the Sangha members. Two of the five groups have been selected to attend the training session.

Deveerapalli School Sponsorship Program
Under the direction of Mr. Jude Devdas, a meeting was arranged with village Heads, Members and Leaders. 50 children were presented with books, uniforms and stationery by the foundation in the presence of local leaders and the community.

- Identification of 50 deserving students from 5 villages
- Program to be result-oriented
- Periodic inspection to oversee progress
- Proposed cleaning program of the village of Deveerapalli
- De-worming program
- Program to benefit the wards of these areas
- Request for greater co-operation and appreciation of the efforts taken by TGF

Financial and material assistance for the 50 identified students for the current academic year is already given. Other aspects of the program are being carried out.

Selection process of the 50 children.
Selection of 50 students from 1st - 10th standard has been carried out by the Head Master of Deveerapalli School.
- Their authenticity has been verified by Social Worker Narayanappa.
- The 50 selected students and their parents have been photographed and recorded.
- As requested by the village Heads, cleaning of the Main Road which covers the Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe areas was done by the school students with the assistance of Baldev Staff. Parthenium weeds and other shrubs and plants were removed.
- Photographs were taken before and after cleaning the village road.
- Snacks were distributed to the students.

Student Education Sponsorship Program ,October 18, 2003, Deveerapalli School

- Guests Mr. ARA Arularasu. DSP, Hosur, Mr. Narayana Swamy, Joint Director Urban Coop Society, Bangalore, Mrs. Lalita Law, Miss Beena Nair and other VIPS namely Mr. Chandrappa, Ex-President Deveerapalli, Mr. Ramachandran.
- Enadu Editor, Mrs & Mr. Srinivas, President Deveerapalli, Members of the Panchayat, parents and students were present.
- The main speakers Mr. Chandrappa and Mr. Ramachandran commended the role played by TGF. They emphasized in particular that these underdeveloped areas have become places of interest for many dignitaries. They stated there was a need for greater cooperation and recognition by the beneficiaries. They highlighted the following:

1. Motorable roads executed by TGF
2. Donation of Rs.1 lakh towards construction of high school and Rs.10,000/- towards purchase of library books
3. Employment for many poor families in surrounding villages
4. Better bus service
5. Hospital facility
6. Village officials have approached for help from TGF in raising the standard of living of rural communities.

- Short speech by Mrs. Lalita Law dwelt upon the need for improved performance, lest the assistance from TGF be reconsidered.
- A cheque for School fees for 29 students was presented by Mrs. Law to the School Head Master.
- The School Head Master thanked TGF for the valuable service rendered to the school, and for paying incentive for one teacher who has been of great help and assistance.
- Mrs. Law, the Deputy Superintendant of Police, Ms.Beena Nair,
- Mr. Narayanswamy, Vijayamma and Chandrappa distributed uniforms along with school kits.
- The function concluded with honoring the Chief Guest with presentation of shawl and garland to DSP, Mrs. Law, Ms. Beena Nair, and Narayanswamy, by Mr. Chandrappa.
- Guests were taken to Shanti Bhavan. Mr. Jude Devdas & Mrs. Law took the DSP around Shanti Bhavan where they had lunch.

Activities planned till December 2003

EDPS Registration
Jude Devdas has developed a plan for tie-ups with the surrounding factories. We will be visiting the nearby factories and informing them of the medical services available at our hospital. Periodic medical checks of their staff could be done at Baldev.

Sourcing a full time / part time Doctor
We are actively searching to recruit a full-time doctor for Baldev, as the previous doctor has gone for higher studies.

Anganwadi Teacher Program
Since the teachers cannot come to Baldev, Gracie is planning to go the Anganwadi to teach them to use new teaching aids to help the preschoolers. Gracie has already identified a resource teacher from Hosur who is willing to volunteer and assist the Baldev team.

De-worming Program
This program is planned for three villages. The team will be starting with Deveerapalli Village. De-worming medicines have been purchased.

Traditional Birth Attendant Training Program
Delivery kits are distributed to the pregnant women and the "dais" are taught to use the sterilized items given in the kit. Sr. Sheela will conduct the classes.

(September-November 2002)

Important Visitors

Mr. Kodadaram, Director, MS Ramaiah Institutions
Dr. Vivek Dorai, Medical Officer, Lakkur PHC
Ms. Suman Thomas from M/s. ICICI Bank,
Dr. Manish Kohli and his wife, Dr. Nibha, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD., USA

Significant events

First multi specialty camp at Baldev- Specialist from KIMS hospital - Eye, Skin, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics- with 5 other doctors participated in a multi specialty camp at Baldev.

370 patients attended the camp from a radius of over 10 kms. We had patients ranging from 25 days old to 88 years. Special arrangements were made for transport, medicines and follow up. A significant point was the active participation of the Bagalur Primary Health Centre staff, anganwadi teachers and the TGF staff from Bagalur. It has been decided that a multi-specialty camp will be held on the last Saturday of every quarter. The next camp is planned for end December, with ENT, Orthopedics and Pediatrics specialties.

A simple Dassera puja was held to celebrate the festival and commemorate the first anniversary of the hospital.

A training programme for dais (traditional birth attendants), self help group representatives and health volunteers was held on October 24th, 2002. The Auxiliary Nursing Midwife from Lakkur PHC was a guest faculty at this training programme.

Community activities

Chimneys were constructed in the anganwadis at Siddanahalli and Vapacchalii villages with the sanghas contributing the cement, and the community providing free labor.

A drainage system was dug using the JCB in Siddananhalli village around the school compound.

Signed petitions from all sanghas and panchayats have been sent to the relevant transport officers at Hosur and Malur Transport depot for more frequent bus services to Baldev.

Relevant Developments/Activities

Baldev Centre has been recognized by St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences as a rural bond centre from November 1, 2002.

Baldev conducted its first delivery on October 4th, 2002, at 4.55 pm. The mother was from the nearby VHF farms. She delivered a normal full-term infant weighing 2.8 kgs. Sr. Sheela was in attendance, and both mother and baby are fine. Baldev Hospital now has a full fledged delivery room on the first floor, and is ready to conduct normal deliveries for patients who have arranged transport for emergency referral.


Dr. Saikat Kanjilal has been appointed as Medical Officer who will take over from Dr. Nachiket Shanker from January 1, 2003. Dr. Saikat is a graduate of St. John's Medical College and is fulfilling part of his rural bond posting at Baldev. We welcome him to our fold and look forward to working with him.

Dr. Ashalatha G. has been appointed on a weekly basis to conduct preventive and promotive health activities in the 14 villages that we are working in. She conducts special check ups in two villages every Friday, and is accompanied by our health volunteers.

Volunteer Contributions

Contribution of specialists for the camp from Kempe Gowda Institute of Medical Sciences (refer to Significant Events).

Newspaper contributions

Three articles have appeared over the past month in Eenadu, a local newspaper. The first was on our multi-specialty camp, the second on our hospital, and the third on our community activities.


The Baldev Medical & Community Centre building was inaugurated at a simple function organized by community leaders on December 30, 2000.
The building construction was fully completed in July, 2001. Equipment for the building has been ordered and a major part of it is being donated by LDS Charities in the US. Staff has been recruited. We will always be looking for dedicated persons to work at this Centre, either as volunteers or part-time or full time staff.

Regular meetings with the village communities are being held to introduce them to the specific services of the Centre. Many of the services include community-based activities for which the participation of the people is required. The women's sanghas or self-help groups have been very successful.

The medical services have been operational from October 2001 and will include the following:

Round the clock primary health clinic with the following services:

  • Daily out-patient care
  • Labour room services for deliveries
  • Basic laboratory facilities
  • Emergency and in-patient facilities
  • Pharmacy

EDPS2000 :

  • Computerized medical records of serving population.
  • Diagnosis and treatment options of commonly occurring diseases.
  • Monitoring systems to predict and track disease outbreaks and epidemics.
  • Comprehensive health information system for monitoring health care status.
  • Epidemiological data for research purposes.

Health awareness programs focusing on:

  • Nutrition of pregnant women and children
  • Reproductive healthcare
  • Child healthcare
  • STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Safe drinking water
  • Environmental sanitation

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