Primary Health Centre - PHC project

To-date (March 2002), 43,000 persons have been registered into the EDPS2000 system set up at the Bagalur PHC. Each patient is given a laminated identity card. Focused programs in one sub-centre are under way. These include maternal care services, immunization, family planning services, cataract detection and treatment camps, awareness programs in the community, training of traditional birth attendants and para-medical staff.

This project has been able to demonstrate a working system in two sub-centres. Old formats for reports have been changed to new formats in EDPS2000. Training has been imparted to system operators and field workers by Dr. Faisca Richer. The biggest challenge facing field workers is the prevalence of local beliefs and superstitions.

Pilot study in a Bagalur PHC of Dharmapuri District.

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