VOLUNTEER REPORT - Matt Farnsworth

I was at Shanti Bhavan from January 16- Feb 4, 2008. During this time I had the privilege of working with these wonderful children. I taught music to preschool- 5 th grade. I also taught theatre games and self-esteem exercises to 2 nd grade to 9 th grade. During the afternoons I taught piano and theory to the piano students and 6 th grade English grammar and creative writing. I had such a wonderful time and I hope that I will be able to return soon. The last week also culminated in a concert where all the children performed in some way. They were all taught Family from Dreamgirls and the choir performed No One is Alone from Into the Woods. All the piano students performed the pieces they had been taught as well.

This school is wonderful. I love talking to the teachers and staff. I felt very taken care of and safe here as well as welcome. I spoke to Mrs. Law about the children going out and doing some community service work. She explained to me that there is a lot of politics associated with this topic, however it is in the future plans for the students. I loved being here and I feel honored to have this experience. Thank you for having me here!

Matt Farnsworth

New York


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