I worked mainly with grades 1-4, in reading, writing and grammar. I was amazed at how well the students speak and write in English, as it is a second language for them. All students were eager and excited to learn. They were inquisitive and loved sharing what they know and think. I loved their creativity and their desire to do well in their studies.

The staff was very friendly and supportive. I felt welcome from the moment I was picked up to the moment I was dropped off at the airport. All were very accommodating and went above and beyond to ensure my comfort while I was there. Many were eager to learn anything they could from me and I feel fortunate to have learned much about teaching from them as well.

The school and its grounds are well kept and comfortable. It is very quiet and peaceful throughout the campus. The food was delicious—very rarely did I find it to be too spicy. I did, however, crave foods that I am used to eating at home, and you may want to bring or buy once you arrive, a small stash of snacks.

I would also suggest that you try to find out exactly what you will be doing for the school before coming to India . I had a general idea, but I feel that I could have come with more materials to use for teaching and to leave behind for the students and staff had I been given my schedule ahead of time (and perhaps an outline of the specific topics I might be teaching).

There are things that the school can improve on, which is the case in any school. I was impressed, however, with the manner in which the administration spoke with me and the other volunteers regularly, seeking our opinion on their curriculum and overall program, wanting to hear outside points of view on what they could make better for their students.

I fully enjoyed my stay at the school and my time with the students, staff and everyone I met that has anything to do with The George Foundation. I would encourage anyone interested in spending time in India to spend time as a volunteer at the school or to at least visit the campus. It is truly an enlightening and inspiring experience!

Lindsay Davis, University of Utah, USA.


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