Women's Economic Empowerment through Co-operative Farming, Vocational Training & Business Development

Goal Of the Project:

The George Foundation has initiated a sustainable integrated rural development program to empower poor women, especially single women, widows and young mothers by raising their status in the community through income generation.

Short Term Objectives:

  1. An opportunity is provided for women to learn the necessary skills of cottage farming, co-operative farming and cash crop cultivation through agricultural training and support to earn the resources to start their own small-scale businesses in 3-5 years. Women learn to use new technology, improved methods of agriculture and horticulture.
  2. Women are taught the basics of financial management such as opening a savings account, and business entrepreneurship. A co-operative bank for the people to be started by the Foundation will be an extension of this program.
  3. Women will be taught the skills of measuring, drafting, cutting and sewing garments. They will be guided in the use of electric sewing machines. Fabric choices, color combinations and basic design of clothing will be taught.
  4. Some educated women will achieve computer literacy. Basic computer skills such as proficiency in functional languages for beginners and advanced programs for senior students will be a separate component.
  5. Women will be trained in hygienic food processing to utilize the produce of their farming work.
  6. Cattle rearing and poultry will be phased in as the program develops.
  7. Young children (1-4 years of age) of women farmers get an opportunity to be in a stimulating nursery environment while their mothers work for a few hours each day. Their basic nutritional needs will be met at the center and pre nursery equipment will pave the way for their education.


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