Women's Economic Empowerment through Co-operative Farming, Vocational Training & Business Development

Expectations of the Project:

  1. Higher status of women results in a higher standard of living, enabling them and their families to become financially independent through acquisition of their own land. The quality of their lives will improve in the long run.

  2. Children from the communities, including the children of Shanti Bhavan, learn about plants and farming from the scientific and business development angles.

  3. This project works towards alleviating the repression and subjugation of women in economically backward rural communities. Over the longer term, economic properity for socially deprived communities will bring about an end to descrimination based on caste.

Present status:

The activity is still in its initial stages. 250 acres of land have been purchased/leased and already cultivated by Baldev Farms. The executive committee comprised of The George Foundation, Village Panchayat and consultants have identified women who have expressed a desire to be in the program. Women in the communities are excited and enthusiastic about the project. They want a better life for their children and families. The Foundation has formed self-support groups, active mahila sangams and local leadership among the women. Gender sensitization is also being addressed in informal classroom settings and through street plays to highlight gender equality.

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