Specific Objectives of Baldev Centre:

  1. To provide primary out patient and inpatient healthcare services and improve public health in the surrounding rural areas.
  2. To establish a permanent, comprehensive computerized health diagnosis, treatment and information system through EDPS2000, and maintain the health data of the population covered.
  3. To conduct functional literacy and home based income generation training for women and adolescent girls.
  4. To promote awareness in general health issues, nutrition, and environmental sanitation in order to prevent illness.
  5. To work specifically in the areas of nutrition, mother and child care, HIV/AIDS and STD prevention with the vulnerable groups of the local communities.

Overall Long-term Objective of Baldev Centre :

To significantly improve the quality of life in the 17 surrounding villages in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, South India, through essential, affordable and accessible primary health care services, health education, and community services. It is our expectation that by 2015, the surrounding community will become a model for sustainable rural development, with significant accomplishments in the delivery of quality education and health care services. We belive that economic prosperity in these villages will also contribute to gender equality and social justice.

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