Expectations of this Project:

At the end of five years (2007 end), some of the broad expectations of Baldev include:

  • Well-equipped health centre that will provide out patient facilities, essential lab. facilities, labour room, emergency and observation, and in-patient facilities.
  • Comprehensive and complete computerized medical records and health information system will be in place through EDPS2000.
  • Improved nutritional status of women and children.
  • Universal care for all pregnant women and children below 3 years.
  • Periodic de-worming of the entire population covered.
  • Iron, folic acid and calcium deficiency in women and children fully addressed.
  • Significant increase in health awareness in nutrition, reproductive health including HIV/AIDS and STD prevention, and environmental sanitation.
  • Improved drinking water and village sanitation facilities.
  • Imporve the quality of education at all government-run schools in the 17 villages through a) additional private teachers, b) libraries, c) clothing and books to poor children, d) school toilets, and e) nutritional, eye and ear care.
  • Ability to manage personal credit and savings by women.
  • Increased rate of functional literacy among adult women and adolescents.
  • Financial independence of women through home based income generation activities.
  • Protection of the environment through awareness and eco-friendly practices.

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